Class Grouping and Admission Arrangements

These are some of the examples of the type of work we are doing within the school at the moment. The pages are updated regularly by the staff and pupils. You can also find on here the homework that is set for each class and an overview of the topic and curriculum areas that the children will be learning about. Please click on the class links to see what they have been learning over the last few weeks.

Class 1 Reception and Year 1 (20 &9) Miss Gibson, Mrs Fagg and Mrs Root
Class 2 Year 1 & 2 (10 &21) Mrs Game, Mrs Root and Mrs Legrove
Class 3 Year 3 & 4 (20 & 10) Miss Wood, Mrs Aitken, Miss Monro, Mrs Gediking, Mrs Almond 
Class 4 Year 4 & 5 (10 & 19) Mrs Nottage, Mr Clow, Mrs May and Mrs Davison
Class 5 Year 6 (18) Mrs Rigby, Mrs May and Mrs Norwood


These are the class teachers and numbers for 2016/17 academic year.  Our intake each year is 20. We do have a few spaces in certain year groups so please contact the school office to inquire about a school place, however all admissions are dealt with by Essex Planning and Admissions.

Admissions-policy-September 2016