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‘Building a Love of Life and Learning’
‘Building a Love of Life and Learning’

Class 1

Reading is Important

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Reading with your child helps improve reading and writing skills. Please try and read with your child five times a week.

Please Remember

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Don't forget that the children need sun hats, sun cream and sun glasses in the warmer weather.

Summer Term two


Welcome back! We have a fun filled half term coming up and the children will be

investigating and learning through our new topic Under the Sea.


Dance will be returning and will be on a Wednesday. Please ensure all named PE bags are back at school by Wednesday 5th June.




This term we will be reading and writing about the books: Bright Stanley; The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and Sharing a Shell. The children will be focusing on using adjectives and verbs within their sentences to improve their description writing. As always we will continue to use our top tips for writing and focus more on understanding the importance of full stops and where we should place them in our sentence. In addition, pupils will spend more time working on their handwriting, learning the letter families and working on descending and ascending letters. 



This half term the children will be studying time, learning to read a clock face knowing when it is an hour and half past the hour. Looking at digital and analogue and comparing differences between them. Times tables are also an area we will be working on, being able to count in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. Furthermore, we will be starting to look at fractions such as half, quarter and whole and how this is represented in mathematics.



Living animals and their habitats. We are going to study the habitats of animals that live in and around the sea and coast. Looking at the different types of predators and pray that live and survive in these environments. 



To delve more deeply into our topic of under the sea the children will be learning about the Titanic in our history lessons. We will study the event, when it was, what it was and how it sank. We will use this topic to create lots of exciting writing to be displayed around the classroom.               


Mrs Mitchell and the EYFS team.

Our Learning Topics

Little Red Hen

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We have had lots of fun learning about the Little Red Hen.

Summer term


Welcome back, this term we are learning all about growth and change. In science we will be investigating how a bean grows and recording our results in a bar chart. The children will be growing other vegetables and flowers in our veggie patch and exploring what we need to help our garden grow. This links with our RE topic of creation and the responsibility that the lord gave us to take care and look after our world.


In our geography lessons we will be studying the United Kingdom and the countries that make up the UK, using maps, atlases and globes to identify where we live.


Within mathematics we are focusing on addition and subtraction, one more and one less of numbers, days of the week and months of the year. We will continue to work on number formation, ordering numbers to 10/20 and investigating the vocabulary of half, empty, full, more, fewer and equals.


Our writing skills are being developed by re-telling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, writing character descriptions, sequencing the story through pictures and creating our own story just like Jack and the Beanstalk. We always work on our top tips for writing and the children should know what they are, ask them and see!


Mrs. Mitchell and the EYFS team.

Welcome to Class 1!

This half -term we will be looking at the topic of 'Dinosaurs'.  We will be learning all about the origin of dinosaurs, what their diet was, how they lived together as well as creating our own fact file about a dinosaur of our choice. The children will have lots of opportunities to extend their learning through play accessing lots of outdoor provisions.  We have our very own class cake sale this half-term on the 14th of March as well as Red Nose Day and Gosfields Got Talent on the 15th of March. We will be kindly asking parents to donate or bake cakes to sell if at all possible. World Book Day will be happening on the 7th of March with the theme of 'Heroes and Villains' this year. We look forward to all the exciting fun and adventures that this half-term will bring on our run up to Easter.

                                                 Thank you,

                                               Miss McCarthy

Mrs.Davison/Mrs. Fagg/Mrs.Almond