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‘Building a Love of Life and Learning’
‘Building a Love of Life and Learning’

Class 1

Sorry for the delay in adding today's tasks for Year 1. It is slightly different over the next 2 weeks as the children are joining us for transition days. Do what you can with the tasks, and feel free to send photos to your teachers once they are complete.


Keep working hard everyone... we're nearly there!

7th July - Tuesday challenge - Gingerbread man

Alternative sports day.

Tuesday 30th June 2020

Year 1 work:

Phonics- Today, draw a poster with as many Year 1 common exception words on it. Make it as colourful as possible! Use the Year 1 common exception word mat to help you to write the spellings correctly. (The link for the Year 1 common exception words is below.)

English- Use the ‘un PowerPoint presentation’ to introduce the ‘un’ prefix. Remember, when you put ‘un’ at the beginning of a word, it changes the meaning to the opposite. Download ‘un prefix worksheets’ below and choose which challenge you would like to complete (star 1, 2 or 3).

Maths- Today, you will be working on ordering numbers. Have a go at ordering numbers on the caterpillar- Download the ‘Year 1 ordering numbers’ challenge by clicking on the link below.

Art – It is a drawing and colouring type of afternoon! Choose a colour by number (to either 10, 20, 50 or 100) to create your own Elmer the Elephant. Then, download the ‘step by step drawing jungle animals’ worksheets and pick an animal to draw. Could you draw the animal in its surrounding habitat? Enjoy!

Monday 29th June 2020

Year 1 work:

Phonics- Complete the Phase 5 real and nonsense words for ‘au’ worksheet. Colour the real words in one colour and the nonsense words in another. Click on the link below to download it.

English- Use the ‘-s and -es PowerPoint presentation’ to introduce the plural noun suffixes. (Plural means more than one.) The ‘Plural noun suffixes -s and -es word mat’ is a resource to help you when completing both worksheets. Download the worksheets below.

Maths- Think about all of the direction words you may use when commanding someone to move. Complete the position and direction White Rose worksheets. (The links to download are below.)

Art- Create your own ‘Sunshine dot art activity’ (link below) using cotton buds and paint.

PE update from Samantha Patching



Well done to everyone at home that has had a go at making a volcano. The videos and photos have started to come in so I will do my best to add them on as soon as I can...

Video (5).MOV

Still image for this video

Video (6).mov

Still image for this video

Video (7).mov

Still image for this video

Loralie's volcano

Loralie's volcano 1
Loralie's volcano 2
Loralie's volcano 3

Video (8).mov

Still image for this video

Summer's volcano

Summer's volcano 1
Summer's volcano 2
Summer's volcano 3

Video (10).mov

Still image for this video

Video (9).mov

Still image for this video

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Here is the Year 1 work for Monday (below) and Tuesday that we will be completing this week.


Phonics- Today, download the PDF document ‘Phase 5 pictures and captions matching activity’ below. Using your phase 5 phonics knowledge, read the captions and match them to the correct picture.


English- Click on the link below to download the ‘Bats’ reading comprehension task. Read through the text, using your phonics knowledge to help you and answer the questions. Please try to answer the questions in full sentences.


Maths- You will be focusing on partitioning numbers to 100. This will jog your memory on the work we have done previously on ‘tens’ and ‘ones’. Use this link to practise first - and then complete the worksheets on the link below ‘Year 1 partitioning numbers to 100’. If you would like an extra challenge, complete the worksheets below titled as ‘Year 1 comparing numbers to 100’.


Art/Geography- Today, we will be using different mixtures to work on creating awesome explosions from within our volcanoes! – It would be great if you could have a go at making this at home too and send us the photos/videos to share at school and on the website :) 

Monday 22nd June 2020

Year 1 work:

Phonics- Decide which animal mosaic grid you would like to colour in using the colour key for phase 5 sounds. The worksheets are below today's lesson.

English- Choose your favourite animal. Draw out the animal and label its different features. After that, I would like you to come up with as many amazing adjectives as you can to describe the animal. Once you have built up a word bank, write as many descriptive sentences as you can to describe the animal. Remember to:

  • Use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces
  • Extend your sentences by using the word ‘and’
  • Read your sentences aloud so you can check it makes sense
  • Use at least one adjective in each sentence.

Maths- Use this link to consolidate what you have learnt on money. Have a go at all of the sections: sorting, ordering and counting. It will also help you to practise counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s.

Art/Geography- We will be continuing to build our own volcanoes out of papier mache and then finish them off by painting them! – It would be great if you could have a go at making this at home too and send us the photos/videos to share at school and on the website :) 

Monday 22nd June 2020- Phonics animal colouring grids

Week beginning 15th June


Hello everyone! I hope you are keeping busy and having fun at home. Remember to keep working hard! I have added the learning for Monday and Tuesday for you to have a go at whilst at home.



phonics - we will be thinking more about split digraphs and how they change a vowel into a long sound. On the worksheet you will need to choose the correct work to fill in the blank spaces. As an extension, you could try to find some words in a story book that have a split digraph in them.


maths - we will be thinking about using different coins to make totals. We will be recapping how to make 20p using different coins and then moving on to larger amounts of money. The worksheet is to be used as a refresher of how to use coins to make totals. Start with the smaller totals and colour in the coins that you will need to make the amount in the purse. Once complete, ask your parents to give you total to find (up to £1) and then draw the coins that you could use. You could even use real coins if you check with a grown up first!


english - we will be using the worksheet to plan a very simple story starter and then use this to create our own story about an ogre/monster. Fill in the gaps to help build your ideas and then draw the ogre in the square at the bottom. We will then be continuing to write our stories ready to read out loud to the group.


mental maths - if the ipads are working (they've been playing up a bit!!) we will be doing some 'Hit the Button' quick recall of number facts including number bonds and times tables. Here is the link: See if you can challenge yourself and beat your own score. 


art/geography - over the next couple of weeks, we will be building our own papier mache volcanoes. It would be great if you could have a go at making this at home too and send us the photos/videos to share at school and on the website :) 

Resources for Monday



phonics - there are 2 tasks for phonics today. The first is a wordsearch. Find the words in the grid and then use each word in your sentence remembering to use capital letters and full stops. Then the second activity needs you to work out the missing word and draw a picture in the box to show you understand. All of the words use a split digraph.


maths - again we are focusing on money and coins. Count up how much money the King has on each of the days, then choose how much he has on Sunday. We will then be finding the total of how much he has altogether! Purse Puzzles needs you to explain or 'reason' your methods and answers. Read the question carefully and use the box to 'prove' your answer using an example. You could draw around real coins or draw a picture to explain.


english - we will be using 2 short comprehension activities today to allow more time to continue working on our volcanoes. Read the passage at the top of the sheet and then answer the questions below. Remember to use the words from the text to help form your answers. 


art/geography - we will carry on making our volcanoes with many layers of newspaper and watered down pva glue.

Resources for Tuesday


I hope you are well and staying healthy. With this in mind, I'm adding a weekly PE ideas document. Have a look to see if there are any activities that your child could attempt. Depending on the age of your child/children, activities might need to be adapted. Activities can be done on any day. Have a go. Stay fit and healthy. Fight the virus!


Kind regards,

Mr Clow.

Week Commencing 8th June 2020


Welcome to another week of Year One learning. It was very strange to be in class last week with only a few year ones. I hope that you are keeping safe and are being very helpful at home. Below are Monday and Tuesday’s learning, I hope my computer skills are up to scratch and you can see all of the documents. Please contact me if there are any problems.


I would love to see some of your work, so if you would like to email it back to me I would be


From a teacher who misses her classes very, very much.

Mrs Mitchell

Monday 8th June 2020


Here are the worksheets for Monday's learning. 

Phonics: looking at the split digraph i-e. Can you find the real words and the nonsense words?

Mathematics: working on addition, subtraction and division.

English: we are using pobble365 again. Choose the correct date and work through the questions and tasks set.

Topic work: in school we will be creating artwork inspired by Wassily Kandinsky. 

Tuesday 9th June 2020


Here are the worksheets for Tuesday's learning. 

Phonics: looking at the split digraph a-e. Can you find the real words and the nonsense words?

Mathematics: working on addition, subtraction and making 10.

English: we are using pobble365 again. Choose the correct date and work through the questions and tasks set.

Topic work: in school we will be exploring shapes, textures and patterns inspired by the work of Van Gogh. 

Week beginning 1st June


Hi everyone! I know some of the Year 1s will be joining us in school this week, so for those that are learning at home, I have attached some of the activities that we will be doing so that you can try them if you would like to.


Our general structure will include:

phonics - Monday - 30 minutes focusing on split digraphs. followed by children using the split digraph table to write the words into the spaces. It may be easier to cut the pictures out and then write next to it as the space is quite small.

Tuesday - 30 minutes focusing on split digraphs. Using words in sentences. Then choose the correct word to add to sentences on worksheet.


mental maths - the 'start up' worksheet is designed to be done independently using physical apparatus. Feel free to use pasta shapes, cheerios or lego to help, or work these out in your heads. (There are two pages, one for each day)


Main maths - Monday - we will be recapping building numbers using 'sticks and dots' or tens and ones. Practice drawing some numbers. Ask your parents to say some numbers for you to draw. You can then try the maths worksheet.

Tuesday - matching numbers and objects. Try the worksheet, and then you can use real objects to make your own numbers.


English - we will be using Pobble365. Choose a day in the top right corner. Then pick at least one of the tasks underneath the picture prompt.


Creative - Monday - we will be designing our own underwater discovery. We will be drawing it on the paper worksheet and then using any materials to create it. Maybe paint, collage or 3d models.

Tuesday - either continuing with underwater artwork or moving on to the new bird discovery task.


I hope this helps - please do feel free to send in photos of the work to your class teacher.


Good luck!

Monday Year 1 work

Tuesday - Year 1 work

PE ideas

Hi there,

I hope you are all keeping well. I’ve attached a letter from Samantha Patching our North West Essex School Games Organiser. On the letter is a link for some further PE ideas in case Joe Wicks has worn you all out! You can choose activities from any week. It is important that your child/children are engaging in some form of physical activity.

Kind regards,

Mr Clow.

New home learning format - starting w/b 3rd May


This week home learning may look a little different.

Here are the daily tasks that we would like children to complete please:

      1. Phonics -

This link leads you to online videos of Letters and Sounds phonics sessions. These are added daily. These sessions for some children will be a ‘recap’ and for others it may be a sound that they are ready to learn. Mr Thorne is another good way of learning phonics sounds too – you can click on his videos in any order and they will take you to a video of a specific sound to practice.


     2. Maths – maths will take the form of home learning on White Rose maths. Once you click on this link, choose the correct age group and then there is a daily lesson. It includes a video and then some questions related to what they have seen. You could print out the questions, or just write them on paper. (There are also answer pages so that children can either self-mark or parents can mark with the child)


     3.English - This is a great site with lots of activities  for the children to try. (Reception is included in this site)


     4. Topic – there are many links on Bitesize and National Academy sites that are based around topic work, but we would also like the children to do things that they enjoy. If they want to learn about Egypt, try it! Do some research in books or online and produce something they want to do – children learn best when they are interested in it! 


    5. Reading – please don’t forget to read every day. offer a huge range of online e-books that follow our school reading system. Any reading is beneficial – comics, recipes even putting the subtitles on the tv are all learning opportunities!


Thank you to everyone that has sent me photos and videos of your work so far! I love seeing how hard you're all trying with your learning. If you have any questions about this new format, please email me or admin and we will get back to you.


Stay safe everyone!

From Mrs Game :) 

Week 6 w/b 27th April

Week 5 Home Learning (WC 20/4/20)

 I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I know that the Easter break won't quite be the same being stuck at home, so I have added some optional craft activities to keep you (and your parents!) busy. I would love to see some photos and videos of you trying some of the tasks, so send them to me on Tapestry or email and I will reply as soon as I can.


I am missing you all tonnes, and can't wait to see you all soon :) 


Easter Holiday Fun Tasks

Week beginning 30th March - home learning Week 2

Home learning for week beginning 23rd March

Please see above for specific tasks for the week, and below for further ideas to do at home smiley

Work from home activities


Hi everyone! In the event of a school closure, we are wanting you to complete a few activities at home. As you know you should be always be reading daily. ( It would be a good idea to practice the Year 1 common exception word list ( Reception please continue to use the 'red word' flashcards in your packets and challenge yourself to spell them as well as read them. For daily maths, please use to test your recall of number bonds, doubles and halves and times table facts. We look forward to seeing the results when you get back to school.

Maths ideas for home learning

Reception - phonics activities


 - continue to practice individual flash cards every day

 - build words using the sounds already known

 - find some common words in reading books and other texts

 - practice the red words in packet

 - try some of the following online games to practice your sounds: