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‘Building a Love of Life and Learning’
‘Building a Love of Life and Learning’

Class 4

Alternative sports day

PE update from Samantha Patching


I hope you are well and staying healthy. With this in mind, I'm adding a weekly PE ideas document. Have a look to see if there are any activities that your child could attempt. Depending on the age of your child/children, activities might need to be adapted. Activities can be done on any day. Have a go. Stay fit and healthy. Fight the virus!


Kind regards,

Mr Clow.

30 Days Wild>30dayswild

Why not sign up for this annual nature challenge? You can do something wild each day in June; for your health, well-being and for the planet! There are lots of interesting and fun ideas on the webpage above (you will need an adult to login for you to download the pack). You can do it on your own, or get your whole family involved. I'd love to see/hear how you get on if you do decide to sign up - even if you only do one or two of the suggested activities! I might start my wild June by getting up early to see the sunrise!

I look forward to hearing how you get on. Enjoy!

Mrs Aitken


W/C 1st June


Hello Everyone,


Welcome back to Summer Term 2. We hope you had a break from home learning over half term and got outside and enjoyed the sunshine. Now it's time to think about getting back into a work routine.


Remember to try to do one Maths lesson, one English lesson and one other lesson of your choice each day. You can continue to use BBC Bite size ( or for something different, you could look at Oak National Academy ( Try to keep practising spellings using or any method we use in class, and times tables using TT Rockstars (or any other method that suits you!). And, of course we would love you to READ, READ, READ! 


As we are having such brilliant weather, take advantage of that too and make time for some exercise and outdoors fun. Maybe you could even try something you've never done before! 


Keep in touch with us with email messages and photos of the things you are doing, we always love to hear from you. We will also be making phone calls again soon to say hello, and look forward to chatting with as many of you as possible. 


Take care, keep being amazing! 

From Mrs Aitken and Mr Clow. 

Staying in touch

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PE ideas

Hi there,

I hope you are all keeping well. I’ve attached a letter from Samantha Patching our North West Essex School Games Organiser. On the letter is a link for some further PE ideas in case Joe Wicks has worn you all out! You can choose activities from any week. It is important that your child/children are engaging in some form of physical activity.

Kind regards,

Mr Clow.

W/C 11.04.20

Summer Term Wk 4

Hi Class Four,

Just a quick reminder for you all to continue using BBC Bitesize this week for your home learning. Try to complete the daily Maths and English lessons, and one other lesson of your choice. Keep reading and practising spellings and times tables too.

I (Mrs Aitken) will be giving you all a quick phone call on Monday or Tuesday, to say hi and check how you're getting on. I'm looking forward to hearing what you've all been up to over this lovely, warm long-weekend! 

Take care, and keep being amazing! 

Mrs Aitken and Mr Clow

We miss you Class 4!

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Hi Everyone!

We hope you didn't find it too difficult getting back into a bit of a learning routine this week. Here is your English and Maths for Week 2 (27/4/20). Have a go, and remember if you have any questions send us an email. It has been great to hear from more of you this week. If you haven't been in touch yet, we'd love to hear how you're spending your time (it doesn't have to be all about school work!!). 

Stay safe and healthy. 

From The Class 4 Team.

School closure Wellbeing

Welcome back to the Summer Term! We hope you all had a nice break over Easter and enjoyed the warm sunny weather. Now it's time to get back into a learning routine. So here are the English and Maths tasks for Week 1; week commencing 20/4/20. Don't forget daily reading, times tables practise and spelling paractise. You should be able to do most of this work without too much help. If you do need help, remember that  the adults in your house might be trying to work from home be patient! We check our emails every afternoon, so please get in touch if you have questions, need more explanation, want to share your work, or simply want to say hello. We love hearing from you all. And don't forget to make time for exercise, fun and relaxation too. 

From The Class 4 Team


If arts and crafts are your thing...then get busy with these Easter/Spring themed activities. Be creative and have lots of fun! (Even if it's not your thing...have a go, you might surprise yourself).

Hi Everyone,

Below is some RE work; a booklet telling the Story of Holy Week, and explaining what Christians believe about Easter.  This work is OPTIONAL. If you choose to do it, you will find  some fun activities that you can get your whole family involved in. We would love to see some photographs of you doing an activity, or of the work you produce. Enjoy! 

RE (optional) - All About Easter

At school, children are asked to use a variety of strategies to deepen their understanding of a maths problem. They are asked to 'build it' (if the appropriate resources are available), 'draw it' (using arrays or other pictures to represent the problem), 'write it' (using digits and symbols such as,  x, +, -, =, <, > to represent the calculations needed), and 'explain it' (telling someone about your building, drawing and writing and what it represents to help you solve the problem). To show a solid understanding you could ask your child/children to show you in a different way. Try to ask them questions about the problem such as "How many steps does the problem have?" or "Which operation (add, subtract etc) do you need to complete the problem?" Remember to remind your child/children that mistakes are often useful learning steps to reaching a final solution.

Good morning,

Below are some English based activities to have a go at over the Easter period. There are also some resources to accompany the activities. If you have any questions about the activities, please email the school and a member of the KS2 team will answer your query.

Stay safe and well.

Class 3 & 4 Closure - Home learning Week 2 (w/b 30th March)

Try two activities per week if possible.

Try two activities per week if possible. 1
Hi, hope you are all keeping safe and well. In the coming weeks work activities will be added to the website. We understand that juggling home schooling, your own work and keeping house is quite a challenge so do as much as you can with your child/children. As long as the fundamental basics are attempted regularly (e.g. Reading, Maths, English and Spellings) other subjects can fit in where possible. Here are some suggested science activities, some can be carried out physically, some are things to be discussed.

Hi everyone! In the event of a school closure, we are wanting you to complete a few activities at home. As you know you should be always be reading daily. ( would be a good idea for Year 4 to practise the Year 3 & 4 common exception word list and Year 5 to practise the Year 5 & 6 word list. I have included further documents for the children to work at home on. For daily maths, please use (  and TT Rockstars to test your recall of times table facts. We look forward to seeing the results when you get back to school.

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