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‘Building a Love of Life and Learning’
‘Building a Love of Life and Learning’

Class 1

Welcome to Class 1 2020-2021


We are a mixed Year 1 and reception class taught by Mrs Game.


We are lucky to have lots of adults working with us at different times. Mrs Game teaches every day, but on Wednesdays she is out of the classroom catching up on important jobs!


Every morning Mrs Haylock and Miss Woods work with us. Every afternoon Miss Woods works with us. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons Mrs Root helps us too. On Thursday and Friday afternoons Mrs Fagg supports us. There is always an adult to talk to if we need them!


Our PE days are MONDAY and THURSDAY. We are allowed to wear our PE kits all day. Please remember to name our kit as it can sometimes get muddled up.


If you need to give Mrs Game a message you can send an email to or She will get back to you as soon as she can.





Year 1s - you should have a packet that contains a reading book, a yellow diary, some white sound flash cards and some red common words. Please practise these as often as you can and get an adult to write in your yellow book.

You need to read your book at least 3 times a week please.


Purple homework book - you should also have a small purple book. In here you can practice your spellings and complete the reading challenges. Get a grown up to show you inside the front cover of the purple book.


Spellings for Year 1s will be given out on Fridays. 


Reception - all children will be given 'no words' reading books for at least this half term. This is to build up story telling skills and to allow us time to check phonics knowledge and blending skills. There are also reading challenges in the front of the small purple book to try.


Red words - all children will be given red common words over the next few weeks. These words cannot be 'sounded-out' so need to be learnt by sight. You can try making up silly sayings to help remember them. Please do not encourage children to say each sound for these red words. 


White sounds cards - all children will have a pack of sounds that we will regularly add to. These are the sounds that we have been learning for that week. We also put any sounds that the children already recognise. Please build words with these cards and support your child to blend and read them.


All reading books will be changed on Fridays only. 

Homework Task (due week beginning 21st September)


Hi Year 1s and our new Reception friends,


Over the next few weeks I would love for you to create a Transport Scrap Book. You could ask an adult to buy you a ready-made scrap book, or you could make your own. The challenge is to find/think of as many modes of transport as you can - you could take photos or draw pictures and add them. You could even try writing labels too!


Here are a few ideas of what you could include in your Transport Scrapbook:

  • Take photographs and add them to the scrapbook
  • Draw pictures of transport that you see
  • Write sentences or labels 
  • Design your own mode of transport and label it
  • Count how many different coloured vehicles you spot from your window or whilst out walking
  • Ask an adult to help create a grid or graph to show how the different transport you have seen
  • If you are lucky enough to go on holiday, you could show the different types of transport that you used
  • What is the largest wheel you can find?
  • What vehicle has the most wheels?
  • Can you sort different transport into the number of wheels?
  • Ask an adult to print some colouring pictures of transport and choose your favourite colours to finish them off
  • Which types of transport can be found in the sky, in water or on the ground?


The list is endless!! 


These scrapbooks will be shared with the class during the week beginning 21st September.


I can't wait to see all of your amazing scrapbooks once we are back at school :)

Our topic overview

Whole Year Overview for Class 1