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‘Building a Love of Life and Learning’
‘Building a Love of Life and Learning’


All of our English curriculum is planned and assessed on the Johnathan Bond English statements.



As an early reader in our school, our children learn to read by using the Big Cat Phonics books. These books are part of our Little Wandle Phonics scheme and are designed to match each individual child with the phonics they need. Reading is assessed frequently in reception and year 1 making sure each child is reaching their full potential.


As the children more on to year 2, we use Accelerated Reader as our reading assessment tool. The children are also assessed on our English curriculum, written by Johnathan Bond. These statements are taught in every class across the school.


As a school we aim to promote a love of reading, diversity and equality in the books we choose to read to our students. We have a 102 books to read before you leave Gosfield Primary School, which has a wide selection of books for all ages. 



Writing techniques are taught through our Johnathan Bond statements. These statements are progressive for each year group and incorporate grammar skills to develop year on year learning. Teachers plan to deliver a narrative, non-narrative and poetry topic each term, so our children get a variety of genres to work on.


Spellings are assessed on our Johnathan Bond statements and as a school we use Spelling Shed to aid in this progress. Each child in the school has a Spelling Shed account and will access games, quizzes and spelling rules to learn each week. 


Writing Policy 2022-2023

Reading Policy 2022-2023

Little Wandle Key Guidance for Reading

Phonics Policy for Ks1 Reading